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The evolution of web design over the years

The evolution of web design over the years

Web design in the Past

There is no doubt that businesses have always relied on reputation, this reputation has progressed dramatically over the years, business owners used to print out brochures and physical banners and hire sales men to go from door to door to try and create momentum and attention to their brand.

This was fine for the most part, but despite the fact that it took longer to get executed, it also came with no guarantees on how your business is being perceived.

The Challenge

How did they do it

It was certainly challenging having to produce physical flyers and printouts and wait to see if there is an impact or if you should change the whole thing and redo the work.

But in every generation there are those who stop at nothing to get their idea out in the open, they work around the clock with extreme dedication and passion to bring to their business the attention and the success it deserves.

But today

There is a wide variety of tools and options that allow business owners and entrepreneurs to easily produce, measure and learn everything there is to know about their business.

They can create different kinds of tests and measure the impact of each test individually and collect the data and share it between the team work or the founders in a certain establishment to take the correct actions according to their findings.

Web design early days

It was a step in the right direction, the concept of connecting the entire glob in a flow of a constant data stream, it shaped the world as we know it. It allowed us to have the entire knowledge of the human kind at our finger tips.

But the early days of creating and designing a website wasn’t as easy as today, you had to have an entire team of designers and developers to build a fairly simple website.

The process for them was a series of agonizing and complex work, after all they were pioneers but their efforts were  very hard, each team from the designers and developers had to correspond with one another to make sure the work is compatible.

Web design today

Today one person can create a personal blog in many different channels and the entire process could literally take minutes to be live and ready. these tools vary on the level of complexity, but all these tools share on thing in common and that is all of them are fast & reliable.

Even if you’re building a business website or application, the amount of tools that could help you execute your project gracefully are amazing.

Even if you needed a team to build and or manage your project, you still going to enjoy a very speedy execution and very reliable coding.


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