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You’re never alone

We understand that building a website and manage all related technicalities could be challenging. Most of our customers don’t have either the time or the technical know how to manage their websites.

With our support you will always have a team of experts to answer your questions and perform all server / website related updates to put your mind at ease.

Our Plans

To suit your needs:

We Support

Custom Websites

CMS Websites

01 Bundled Plan


All websites built with the Vikings enjoy one year free support at no additional charges. After this year you’re free to manage your website with your own team. Or you can renew your support contract if you feel you still don’t have time or proper tweak to do so.

02 Contract Plan

On Demand

With our contract support plan you will be charged on a yearly basis and it costs 120 USD. This plan includes server maintenance and website’s update. Of course you will also enjoy access to our team of developers and content creators as well.

What else can support do?

You will also get a dedicated team to answer all of your questions or fix any error that you may encounter along your journey. Beside performance monitoring and monthly reports in areas where your attention or action is needed.