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Branding Services

Why Branding ?

Your brand is paramount to your business, so it’s very essential that your spend enough time thinking about building the right image, the message your business is trying to communicate, the look and feel of your products or services, the slogans and how your business is being perceived are the pillars of your brand.

Your brand is not bound by how big or small your business is, it’s very simple the more people trust you the better the chances of using your brand.

Our Approach

Because each business is unique

We Take The Time

  • To draw a roadmap specific to your brand.
  • Recommend proper methods based on your business.

At The Vikings


Develop a clear and attractive branding strategy that is tailored to your business needs based on various factors, such as what phase are you currently in, what’s your target personas, what channels are you planning to use, what are the milestones that we should take into account, do you have a website or much simpler online presence. And many more factors.

All these parameters are meant to answer one question. How are we going to build your brand.

Understanding your own set of values and goals can help us create just the right image around your brand but it will also help your customers relate to your story, service or message that your brand is communicating.

Accumulating Reputation

Of course the process takes authenticity and patience to reach the specified milestones, but it’s always fun to see what the journey was like for both your business and your audience, because on the long run this journey is going to become an essential part of your business identity.

This is a simplified view on how your brand is going to be build, thought about and eventually used.

Our Branding Services

When it comes to bringing your business to life, we understand that our customers needs varies. So we offer a wide selection of services that could benefit your business in any phase:

1– Logo Design and mock-ups.

2– social media platforms designs.

3– Website Building and Customization.

4– Search engine Optimization.

5– Marketing Strategies.

6– Brochure and stationery design.

7– Email Design.

8– Product / Service landing pages.

9– Vision and mission statements.

10– Presentation designs.

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