Vikings Gate

Vikings Gate

About Us

We are a group of enthusiasts hoping to make the internet a better place, we consider each project we build a statement to our contribution to building a better tomorrow.

Our team consists of just the right amount of professional developers, designers, data scientists, software engineers and cloud architects.

We all have on thing in common, we never compromise the user experience and we share one goal, that is to create value in our end results.

Why We Are Different



We’d like to think of our team as the helping hand or the safe net you may fall back to during your long and hard journey.

We take pride in helping our customers managing their business themselves without having to need developers or designers, of course they could hire anyone anytime they please, but our approach is to build the right platform that doesn’t require hiring more people to make modifications or changes.

With us our customers are free to to choose the right path for their business, they can easily manage their project with or without our help. They are not locked into any system that prevent them from exploring.

Top Support


We noticed that 99% of the time managers and founders fail because they don’t have a reliable technical team or individual to guide them.

Being part of our customer’s journey is both an honor and a huge responsibility, so our dedicated team is always researching new technologies and best practices to better support and advice our customers.

Because sometimes what you need is just a simple advice to steer your efforts in the right direction. So their efforts to go forward are based on informed and professional decisions.

Technology Selection

Each project is a challenge from selecting the right technologies, to testing and completion. For us seeing our customers gain some return on their investments in their idea inspires a sense of reward and humility.

Our Team Diversity 

Because we cover wide range of technical services, our team is located in several parts of the world. We feel that we are one team providing a unique value in everything we build. We think of it just as an application consists of various parts and integrated technologies to make something useful. So is our team.

The Viking Naming

There is a historical fact about the Vikings that you may not know, they used to be afraid of the sea, they didn’t like it very much, so when they decide to build a ships they used to take their time to make absolute sure it’s the right vessel. It had to be strong,  flexible and versatile to get them where they wanted to go safely.

And just like the Vikings ships, our efforts in building platforms takes into account an unmatched level of agility and robustness. Just to make sure our customers will be safe in their journey through the ocean of business difficulties and challenges.