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Our Strategy

How your new Website is built!

At the Vikings we have a philosophy that we apply on any project that we are building. First the design has to be reflective of the company or the brand’s values and message they’re trying to communicate with their clients. Second we understand that most of our customers may not be technical so we take care of everything in that regard. Third It has to be future proof so no matter how long you’re planning to use it we will make sure it’s compatible with the global guidelines and modern bowsers on various screen sizes.

And finally with the help of an entire team of designers and developers, Your website will be completed on time and on budget!

Our Process

Each project goes through these steps:

Your website Features

Responsive Design Fast Speed

Clear Navigation Easy Backend



In order to understand what your project is aiming to achieve, we will collect the requirements and the basic demands to create a blue print of your project.



Our team will create a design that suites your vision, your website will be easily customizable, so during this phase you can make design decisions.



During this phase we will apply your content from text, pictures, videos and social accounts and create unique pages for each type of content.



Finally when the website is completed our team will communicate with you to make any necessary changes or add more multimedia or content.



Once the website is completed, you will receive a PDF file that contains the website credentials, speed test metrics, and the a support plan for 1 year.

What does it mean to be responsive?

Today according to global statistics, almost 95% of the world’s traffic comes from mobile devices, this includes mobiles, tablets, watches, small screen laptops etc. Building the right website that takes all these screen sizes into consideration is a must.

What will you get in any website built with us?

1- Traffic Dashboard

Traffic Source

Understanding where your website’s traffic is coming from is a very important part to managing your business, you’ll be able to focus on the channels that matters the most for your visitors, we make sure that all the websites we build are connected to a customized google analytics dashboard accessible from your admin area to give you the power to see your website live Realtime traffic.

2- Speed

Super Fast

When it comes to how fast your website really is, there are a lot of factors that contribute to the over all user experience, at the Vikings we always focus on the code and the technologies implemented in your website, we use cashing technology alongside optimizing the code to make sure your page load speed is always below 250 millisecond, it’s also known as TTFB or time to first byte.

3- Cloud Hosting

VPS & Instances

One of the most important elements in your business stability is hosting, where you’re hosted effects many variables such as how responsive the website is, how many visitors at any given time could be accommodated, how flexible your website is if you need to scale up or down and finally security.

4- Scalability

Adaptable & Powerful

Saving cost while maintaining a scalable website could be a challenge specially for non-tech users, with the power of the cloud we can create a customized architecture for each website as a case by case bases to make sure the website is able to scale up utilizing load balancing technology to start more servers on demand, so when a traffic surge is detected more instances will be deployed and when it comes back to idle state the system will automatically shut down the newly started instances to save you costs.

5- KPI

Key Performance Indicators

Your website is like a sales man who is always awake making you sales and explaining to people what your business is all about, equipping the website with the power of external APIs and social media analytics like Facebook Pixel ultimately give you the power to have a bird’s eye view, you can create split-testing also known as A/B testing based on how your website’s visitors are behaving when they use your platform, so your decisions are data driven and more informed.

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